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Body Cooling Vest Applications

StaCool Vests can be used anywhere heat affects comfort and productivity 

StaCool Vests are available in several models to accommodate adults and children, as well as light or heavy use. With StaCool Vests, individuals who work or play in hot environments, and those with medical conditions that raise body temperatures, now have a practical and effective way to reduce heat stress.



The StaCool Vest is the only body core cooling system designed specifically for Multiple Sclerosis patients and others with conditions that are aggravated by extreme temperatures. Aerobic exercise is thought to help individuals with MS fight fatigue; yet, Multiple Sclerosis appears to cause the body to heat up quickly, compromising the ability to exercise. Our cooling vests for MS patients will cool the body’s core, which will restore the ability to stay active.


Sports & Recreation

Our sports cooling vests are great to layer underneath your uniform. From amateur athletes to NFL mascots, anyone who must perform in extreme temperatures can benefit from a lightweight StaCool Vest. 


Military / Government

StaCool Vests play a key role in the prevention of heat illnesses by keeping the body's temperature stable.



Our rugged StaCool industrial cooling vests are ideal for workers exposed to extreme heat environments.  When you wear one of our cooling vests for workers, you will remain comfortable and productive as you reduce the chance of heat-related injuries while at work. 

Shop our assortment of light and heavy cooling vests for workers, athletes, MS patients, and more. The applications for our personal cooling vests are endless. Reach out to us at 1-866-782-2665 to learn more about our sports cooling vests and other products today!

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