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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a Stacool Vest?

Anyone whose work, leisure activities or medical conditions cause the body to rise to uncomfortable temperatures and/or affect performance could benefit from a StaCool Vest.

What is heat stress?

Heat stress occurs when the body's reaction to the environment causes its core temperature to rise above safe limits. This can result in a racing heart, profuse sweating, dizziness, reduced energy and slowed reaction times. This reduces safety, decreases efficiency and lowers productivity.

How and why does the vest work?

During periods of heavy exercise, the body can generate ten to fifteen times the amount of heat that it does at rest. Extra heat is transferred from the body core to the skin, where it is released through sweating and evaporation. Evaporation is the body's major mechanism for heat dissipation. High humidity reduces the body's ability to cool through evaporation and contributes to dehydration.

Cooler skin has many physiological advantages:

  • Less of the heart's output is directed to the skin
  • The body takes longer to reach critical limits
  • Dehydration is delayed because the body conserves fluids

Are the chemicals in the thermopaks non-toxic?

ThermoPaks are completely non-toxic and non-flammable. They are FDA approved and safe enough to be used in direct contact with food. Unlike phase-change material that must be washed off immediately when it contacts skin, ThermoPaks offer 100 percent safety and peace of mind.

Are Stacool Vests comfortable?

StaCool Vests come in three designs to meet your cooling needs:

  • Industrial Vests are fully adjustable to fit almost any body type
  • StaCool Under Vests are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL and can easily be worn under or over clothing
  • Children’s vests are available in two youth sizes and designed for easy on/off
  • All StaCool styles fit the body closely and provide maximum comfort - they are designed with a thermal barrier between the ThermoPaks and skin for comfortable and stable cooling

How long will the vest keep me cool?

Cooling time depends upon the ambient temperature and the amount of BTU's being produced by the wearer. In most situations, the vests provide more than two hours of cooling per ThermoPak set. By keeping spare ThermoPaks in a cooler, users can easily keep core body temperatures at comfortable levels for many hours.

Why do so many other cooling vest companies claim to be the “original” cooling vest?

When you are the first to develop a great product, like the body cooling vest, copycats are soon to follow. But make no mistake, the StaCool Under Vest is the original cooling vest. With a front-zippered design, the StaCool vest is also the most streamlined vest in the market today.

Other manufacturers have plagiarized our concept and tried to match our success, but they have failed to put in the research and development hours that we have. The StaCool Under Vest is not an accidental success or product of chance. It is the result of countless hours of engineering, development and testing.

Why are there some vests on the market for around $60.00?

We receive numerous calls each year from people that have purchased these “budget” vests and even more expensive ones. The calls include complaints of cooling vests that are too heavy, vests that soak you with water, and vests that simply don't work.

Another common complaint from budget vest users is that the vests are too bulky, industrial looking and embarrassing to wear in public.
The StaCool Under Vest avoids all of these problems, putting it in a higher quality class. We have designed and manufactured a cooling vest that is effective, comfortable, form fitting and lightweight. This allows you to wear it anytime you want, and in any situation.

The StaCool Under Vest has also been developed with your safety in mind. The cooling ThermoPaks are non-flammable, non-toxic, FDA approved and safe enough to be used in direct contact with food.

How do you clean the vest?

We recommend hand washing the StaCool Under Vest in mild detergent and warm water, and hanging it to dry. Topical cleaners, disinfectants and other germicidal cleaners that are fabric-safe, like those used by hospitals, are also acceptable.

CALL TOLL-FREE 1-866-STA-COOL (782-2665)  OR  LOCALLY 352-597-1820

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