XX-Small - Chest 35"-37", Length 20"X-Small - Chest 38"-39", Length 20"Small - Chest 40"-42", Length 21"Medium - Chest 43"-44", Length 23.5"Large - Chest 45"-47", Length 24"X-Large - Chest 48"-49", Length 25"XX-Large - Chest 50"-53", Length 25"XXX-Large - Chest 54"-57", Length 26"
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The StaCool Under Vest is an engineered body cooling system that offers hours of critical cooling without compromising mobility. For Multiple Sclerosis patients, a cooling vest can be the passport to fatigue-fighting exercise and activity. For athletes and professionals who labor in extreme heat, a cool vest can be an irreplaceable piece of equipment.

Anyone who has to stay cool and stay on the move knows the value of a body cooling vest that can keep you cool for hours. Each StaCool Under Vest has four pockets, two in the front and two in the back for the ultimate in cooling comfort.

The StaCool Under Vest uses high-quality, durable materials and four easily replaceable ThermoPaks to cool the body core comfortably. Each lightweight cooling vest offers up to three hours of cooling per ThermoPak set, depending on activity type and environmental conditions during use.

  • Made from comfortable, breathable Airprene and Spandex sides for added comfort and flexibility
  • Front zipper for easy dress and removal
  • Lightweight – 5 to 5.5 pounds with ThermoPaks (when hydrated)
  • Wear under clothes or as an over vest
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to fit any body type

StaCool Under Vests are perfect for:

Hospitals, Orthopedic Surgeons, OB, and Burn Units

  • SWAT, Hazmat, and military professionals, including those wearing level A Protective clothing.
  • Multiple Sclerosis patients
  • Athletes
  • Mascots
  • ANYONE wanting to stay cool in hot conditions

Every StaCool Under Vest comes with TWO SETS of ThermoPaks (four packs per set), so wearers always have spare packs to extend cooling times.

StaCool Under Vest with two sets of ThermoPaks

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