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industrial cooling vests

From manufacturing and warehousing to mining and construction, whether you work inside or outside, our personal industrial cooling vests will help cool you off during your long work days. Heat stress is a very serious and dangerous matter, and you should not take it lightly. Heat stress can increase exhaustion, lead to a heat stroke, or worse.

With our StaCool Industrial Cooling Vests, you can work throughout the entire day with more ease. If your job is physically demanding and placing a toll on your mind and body, our products can help! Our StaCool Vests help minimize fatigue. This will allow you to work your shift with more strength.

Our StaCool Vests are lightweight, which makes them perfect to wear under protective, work-related clothing. Our StaCool Industrial Cooling Vests have adjustable shoulder and side straps for the perfect fit, one size fits all. Let us help you stay comfortable and retain your energy during your long day at work.

Some Benefits of Industrial Cooling Vests Include:

  • Cooler core body temperature

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Maximum mobility

  • And more!


StaCool is excited to offer new body core cooling vests with unbeatable flash fire protection. Our StaCool Fire Retardant Vests are made with light-weight fabric with inherent heat and flame-resistant properties. NFPA 2112 certified, they provide durable and affordable flash fire protection for workers in the petroleum, petrochemical, fire service, and other professions that may be exposed to flash fire. Yet- these  These vests still provide great mobility to make sure your performance level is not inhibited. Check out our StaCool Fire-Retardant Under Vest or StaCool Fire-Retardant Industrial Vest today!

StaCool Flame-Resistant clothing is designed for electricians and workers in the utility, oil, gas and petrochemical fields who are at risk of being exposed to electric arcs and flash fires, which could cause severe or fatal burn injuries.

*Please contact your company for specific FR requirements.


Reach out to our friendly representatives at 1-866-STA-COOL (782-2665) to learn more about our products. We hope we can help you enjoy work even more with one of our StaCool Body Core Cooling Vests.