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The StaCool ThermoPaks use advanced cooling technology to keep core body temperatures at safe levels. ThermoPaks are made of individual cells that contain a non-toxic polymer material. Each cell works independently, which extends cooling time – if one cell is depleted or damaged, the others keep working. The high-tech insulating material used between ThermoPaks and the skin results in even cooling, avoiding “cold spots” and keeping overall body temperature at a comfortable level. ThermoPaks remain flexible even when frozen; and when frozen to lower temperatures, they stay colder longer.

Each vest comes with TWO SETS of ThermoPaks so wearers can use the spare set to extend cooling time. Replacement takes only a few minutes.

ThermoPaks are FDA approved and safe enough to be used in direct contact with food.

***Don't be misled by claims of other cooling systems. Soaking cooling packs in ice water to recharge the cooling material is not an efficient method. The effectiveness of any cooling system is controlled by the amount and starting temperature of the cooling material. Phase change material (PCM), or Paraffin, has a very short cooling period, especially when used in highly humid weather conditions. They can also be irritating (hazardous) if contact is made with the skin. If you should puncture or damage PCM cooling packs, your vest will be rendered useless, and additional cooling packs will have to be purchased at a sometimes-substantial cost.

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