3 Benefits of Cooling Vests for MS Patients

image-1.jpeg3 Benefits of Cooling Vests for MS Patients

Multiple sclerosis can cause a variety of symptoms for patients that impact their ability to perform daily activities. Check out this guide to learn how cooling vests for MS patients can help.

About 2.5 million people in the world suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with 200 new diagnoses every week.

MS is usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40, but many teens and older people can also be diagnosed with the disease.

MS causes issues with vision, balance, and muscle control and varies in severity depending on the patient. There is no cure for MS, there are only treatments that can help control and minimize the symptoms of the disease.

One treatment is the use of cooling vests for MS, which can help patients in a number of ways and is a great, natural way to minimize the severity of symptoms.

3 Benefits of Cooling Vests for MS

MS is a central nervous system disease that occurs when the immune system starts to attack the myelin sheath around your nerve fibers. Without the protection of the myelin sheath, your nerves become damaged.

Damaged nerves lead to loss of mobility, muscle spasms, chronic pain, numbness, and many neurological symptoms as well.

Here are 3 benefits of cooling vests for MS that can give patients some much-needed relief from the painful symptoms they experience.

1. Helps Manage Sensitivity to Heat

One of the most common symptoms of MS is an extreme sensitivity to heat. Patients should avoid going out into hot weather because it can make their symptoms more severe and lead to extreme fatigue and muscle weakness.

This heat sensitivity also makes it difficult for some MS patients to be active because it will increase their body temperature which can have a negative effect on them.

To help deal with heat sensitivity, patients will often avoid hot weather and prefer staying in air-conditioned or cool environments. Cooling vests are a great way to quickly cool down if you become overheated.

2. Convenient to Use

If you become overheated, you may not have the ability to just hop in a cold shower and cool off. Whether you're at work or you're in the middle of doing something important, you need a way to cool off instantly.

Having a cooling vest will give you that convenience. You can have cooling packs in your freezer at work so it's ready for you to use whenever you need and you can even take them on the go if you know you'll be in hot weather.

3. Helps Circulation

Cooling vests cool down your skin, which cools down your blood that is circulating throughout your body. If your blood is warm, this will mean your body will feel hot because it is being circulated throughout.

If you cool your skin and blood vessels down, the cooled blood will circulate to all parts of your body, effectively cooling you down.

For More Information

If you are suffering from MS and you're struggling with heat sensitivity, you can definitely benefit from using a cooling vest. Not only are cooling vests effective, but they're convenient to use.

For more information on using cooling vests for MS, please contact us today.

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