5 Tips for Staying Cool While Working Out In the Heat

5 Tips for Staying Cool While Working Out In the Heat

Heat exhaustion can have a brutal effect on humans. In fact, nearly 10,000 Americans have died from heat-related causes since 1979.

But it's not always easy to know how to stay protected when working out in the heat.

We're here to help. We've nailed down five tips for outdoor workers. Read on to learn how to keep cool outside when working this summer.

Working Out in the Heat Requires Care

Summer months can be dangerous for outdoor workers and workers in intense indoor settings. In recent years, hot environments have resulted in nearly 3,000 illnesses and injuries in a single season. But work can't be put on hold during the summer months.

That means workers should focus on preparing for the heat. This can cut down health disasters. And it can save employers from costly work-related injuries.

Here are five tips for staying cool when working out in the heat:

1. Focus on Body Core Cooling

Body core cooling is a key way to keep the body from overheating. And a person's blood pressure can actually be lowered by applying pressure to specific spots on the body.

Workers can take advantage of this through things like a cooling vest or a StaCool Vest. These devices focus on lowering a person's core body temperature with strategic placement.

2. Pay Attention to Diet

It's easy to overlook the importance of diet when workers are trying to stay cool. But it can be the difference between comfort and disaster.

Heavy or fatty meals can increase a person's body temperature. That's because the body has to work extra hard to metabolize these types of food.

Instead, it's best to eat light meals and foods that restore electrolytes.

3. Hydrate and Drink Right

It may seem like a no-brainer, but staying hydrated is critical when working out in the heat. Of course, this means drinking lots of water. But it's also smart to choose drinks that replace electrolytes.

Coconut water is a good option that can fight off hypertension. And it's a good idea to avoid sugary soda or energy drinks.

4. Dress Smarter

This means wearing thin layers that are loose. It's a good idea to keep the core temperature down through a cooling vest, but layers on the extremities shouldn't fit too tightly.

That's because the body cools when sweat evaporates off of skin. Tight-fitting clothes can hinder that process.

Instead, focus on covering the head, wear looser layers, and pick out reflective colors.

5. Be Aware of Warning Signs

Watch out for warning signs like heat cramps. This can be the body's way of pointing out dehydration.

If a worker is feeling heatstroke warning signs, it's a good idea to take a break in a cool place. Remember to re-hydrate while the body recovers.

More in Beating the Heat

These tips should help protect individuals who are working out in the heat. And cooling vests can help everyone from construction workers to surgeons.

Want to learn more about the latest in cooling technology? Check out more here for ways to choose the best cooling vest for every situation.

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