Dreams come true thanks to the StaCool Child Vest

Like many kids her age, four year old Emily Anderson's dream has been to see the amazing animals and attractions at Orlando's Disney World and SeaWorld theme parks. However, since Emily suffers from mitochondrial disease, her body is unable to tolerate the warm temperatures that dominate the Orlando weather. But with the help of a StaCool Child Vest, she was able to keep her body cool and live her Disney and SeaWorld dreams!


Body Cooling Vests And Mitochondrial Disease

Mitochondrial disease is a disorder affecting the mitochondria, which are the microscopic energy generators, or “power plants,” found in every cell of your body. Although the severity and symptoms vary greatly from person to person, mitochondrial disease can affect every organ and system found in the body.

For infants who are affected by the disease, as Emily was, the survival rate is only 10%.
Today, Emily suffers from many symptoms, including digestive, respiratory and skin disorders, as well as severe fatigue and tremors. She is reliant on several medications, feeding tubes and a diverse team of doctors and nurses working 12 hours a day to maintain her health.
She recently added a StaCool body cooling vest to her list of support equipment. Due to her mitochondrial disease, Emily's body has trouble regulating her core body temperature. She is especially sensitive to heat.

So, a trip to Orlando's theme parks was not feasible until her parents learned about the StaCool Child Vest. With the help of a body cooling vest, Emily would be able to go to Orlando without the fear of heat-related problems like seizures, irregular heart rate or worsening of her existing symptoms.

Emily And The StaCool Under Vest Arrive In Orlando

With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and many generous friends, Emily and her family arrived in Orlando, Florida on schedule. At the same time, the team at StaCool made sure her cooling vest was good to go by shipping it overnight to SeaWorld, packed in ice and ready for action.

How You Can Help Emily

The team at StaCool Vest was happy to help make Emily's Disney World and SeaWorld dream come true. But her daily struggles with mitochondrial disease continue. If you are interested in learning more about Emily, or donating to help support her medical needs and find a cure, we encourage you to click on one of the following links.

› Emily Anderson Foundation @ Facebook
› Energy for Emily @ Event Ribbon

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