How a Surgery Cooling Vest Can Help in the Operating Room

How a Surgery Cooling Vest Can Help in the Operating Room

How a Surgery Cooling Vest Can Help in the Operating Room

How a Surgery Cooling Vest Can Help in the Operating Room

For surgeons, it is important to stay cool while in the operating room. Check out this guide to learn how a surgery cooling vest can help.

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It goes without saying that performing surgery can be a stressful and tense situation for everyone in an operating room.

This stress alone is enough to elevate anyone's temperature, and that's without factoring in the heat from lights and the required head-to-toe medical garb.

The hot environment has inspired many doctors and surgeons to find creative ways of staying cool (literally!) and collected on the job. Many hospitals have turned to the surgery cooling vest as a potential solution.

But why? Read on to find out how this new surgical cooling vest is changing things for doctors in the operating room.

The Importance Of Keeping Cool

As mentioned previously, the temperature in a typical operating room can quickly reach feverish heights. A recent regulation has only made matters worse, raising the minimum temperature in an operating room to be 74 degrees. Surgeons work with nearly their entire body covered by some sort of garment, neutralizing the benefits of body sweat.

Surgery can be a long process, with some surgeries lasting up to eight or nine hours to complete. Without some sort of cooling solutions, surgeons could become quickly overheated.

This being the case, it is imperative for doctors to find a way to keep cool not only for their own comfort but for their health, as well as the clarity and benefit of their work.

How A Surgery Cooling Vest Can Help

Surgery cooling vests can make a huge difference for surgeons in the operating room.

StaCool cooling vests are available in various sizes and styles. They are designed to be comfortable and lightweight so that they can be worn with ease through the duration of long or arduous surgeries. It's recommended that the StaCool cooling vests be worn over scrubs but under protective gowns or lead aprons.

Anyone working in an operating room can benefit from a surgery cooling vest, not just the surgeons. Nurses, techs, anesthesiologists and anyone who works in such an environment can benefit from a better-regulated body temperature. A StaCool cooling vest is a great way to prevent lapses in judgment or concentration that can be brought on by heat exhaustion.

Surgeons and medical workers love StaCool cooling vests. That's why surgery cooling vests are being used more and more by an increasing amount of hospitals around the country.

It's Important To Stay Cool

Surgery is always a high-risk situation, and it is essential that working professionals can work in an environment that is beneficial to their comfort and their concentration. A surgery cooling vest is the best possible way to regulate body temperature and give working medical professionals the help that they need.

If you're looking for more info on surgery cooling vests, check out our FAQ.

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