Gallo Glass Extends StaCool Under Vest Purchase Program to Employees

Gallo Glass has enhanced their reputation as a leader in the glass bottle manufacturing industry by making the StaCool Under Vest available to all of their employees via a Payroll Deduction program. The cooling vest purchase program, set up by Jorian Reed, Sr. Manager of Human Resources, reflects Gallo Glass's strong commitment to continuous improvement in safety and manufacturing.

The StaCool Under Vest can bring valuable body cooling technology to all of the employees at Gallo Glass who work in the extreme heat associated with glass bottle production. With processing temperatures in excess of 2,500° F, temperatures on the factory floor approach 140° F. By keeping body temperatures down in this extreme environment, the StaCool Under Vest will make it safer and easier for Gallo's workers to create great bottles for the E&J Gallo winery, as well as for their other clients.

The StaCool Under Vest employee purchase program will continue at Gallo Glass from now through the end of summer, according to Reed.

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