StaCool Under Vests can help lower the body temperature of surgeons and nurses in the operating room.

Keeping Surgeons Cool Under Pressure


Performing any kind of surgery is a serious situation for everyone in the operating room. The stress alone can be enough to elevate anyone's temperature, but add in the heat from the bright lights and surgical gowns, and you have one of the hottest working environments around. That is why hospitals across the country have discovered the body cooling benefits of the StaCool Under Vest.

If you take a close look at an operating room, it seems as though the entire environment has been designed to create heat. The intense lighting is hot enough, but the head-to-toe clothing makes matters even worse. Surgical gowns are lined with plastic to make them water proof, and gloves trap heat around the hands and wrists. Feet are covered by shoes and surgical footies, and the head is covered with a cap and mask. With virtually every surface of the body covered, the cooling effect of body sweat is practically neutralized.

In addition, recent regulations have literally turned up the heat, requiring surgical rooms to be warmer at 74° F. This has inspired doctors and nurses to seek alternative cooling solutions and, fortunately for them, the StaCool Under Vest is meeting their body cooling needs.

StaCool Vests in Hospitals

Here are just a few of the hospitals across the country that have selected the StaCool Under Vest as the body cooling solution for their surgical and medical support teams:

Allen Memorial Hospital

BH Community Hospital
Blachfield Army Hospital
Blue Ridge Surgery Center
Bone & Joint Hospital
Broward General Medical Center
Cascade Valley Hospital
Clovis Medical Center
Doctors Hospital Nelsonville
Eisenhower Army Medical Center
General Hospital
Grady Memorial Hospital
Illinois Valley Community Hospital
Immanuel St. Josephs
Iowa Lutheran Hospital
Kootenai Medical Center
KSF Orthopedic

Liberty Hospital

Medical Air Bridge
Medical University of SC
Memorial Hospital West
Memorial Hospital of Miramar
Memorial Hospital of Sweet Water
Memorial Hospital of Pembroke Pines
Methodist West Hospital
Mount Auburn Hospital
Oconee Memorial Hospital
Ortho Arkansas Surgery Center
Oss Ambulatory Surgery Center
Out Patient Surgery Center Jonesboro
Palo Pinto General Hospital
Providence Hospital
Sauk Memorial Hospital
Sheridan Surgical Inc.

Sherman Oaks Hospital

St. Josephs Hospital
St. Lukes Hospital
Stryker Orthopedic
Surgery Center Mount Dora
Sutter General Hospital
The Doctors Hospital of Tattnall
TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Trinity Medical Center
VA Medical Centers all across the USA
Weston Outpatient Surgical Center
Winchester Medical Center
Winter Park Hospital
Yuma Regional Medical Center

The StaCool Under Vest is in especially high demand among Orthopedic surgeons, as the operations they perform can last several hours. As educated medical professionals, they know they must avoid any lapses in judgment, coordination and concentration that can be brought on by heat stress. These doctors also know that a cooling vest is a great way to keep their bodies cool and their minds clear.

StaCool is pleased to provide body cooling vests for nurses and doctors at medical facilities nationwide, and we look forward to helping even more surgical professionals stay cool in the heat of the OR.

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