Theme Parks turn to StaCool Vests

mascot.pngLast year, theme parks from coast to coast purchased several hundred StaCool Vests™ to help protect all of our favorite characters from the brutal summer heat.  

StaCool’s state-of-the-art cooling technology combined with premium insulating materials will help keep you cool for up to four hours. Each StaCool Vest comes with two sets of ThermoPaks, so you have a spare set for a change-out that can be done in just a few minutes to provide additional hours of cooling.

The StaCool Under Vest has an ergonomic design with a snug fit that contours your body for the ultimate in cooling comfort and can be worn under or over clothing. The StaCool Industrial Vest is a one size fits all vest worn over your clothing and is the most durable cooling vest available in the market today.

Why suffer through another hot summer? Call StaCool today at 1-866-STA-COOL (782-2665).

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