Trap Shooter Finds Great Weapon – A StaCool Body Cooling Vest

Competitive trap shooter Robert Kirkpatrick recently participated in the National Sporting Clays Association Missouri State Championship event, where the late summer temperatures peaked around 100º F at the River Hills Sporting Clays shooting club near Columbia.

Fortunately for Robert, he had the good sense to plan ahead. So, before he headed out to the tournament, he made sure he packed his guns and his brand new StaCool Under Vest.

Without The StaCool Under Vest, I Couldn't Have Made It

Clay pigeon shooting requires a good eye, quick reflexes and a steady hand. It is a well known fact that exposure to excessive heat affects the body in many ways, including a loss of coordination and reaction time. Heat stress can also result in fatigue.

Any of these conditions would have a negative impact on the performance of a trap shooter. That's why Robert decided to make a body cooling vest by StaCool part of his arsenal at the Missouri State Championship.

After the event was over, Robert summarized the value of his body cooling vest very clearly:
“Thank God I had it. I'm not sure I could have finished without it.“

A Body Cooling Vest That Lasts For Hours

The excellent performance record of the StaCool Under Vest has been well established over the years. During the State Championships, Robert reaffirmed that the StaCool Under Vest can provide body cooling for three hours.

“StaCool says they're effective for 3 hours. On both Friday and Sunday [days where temperatures approached 100º F], I actually got about 3 1/2 hours out of them.”

StaCool Impresses In More Ways Than Body Cooling

Although body cooling is obviously the main objective of the StaCool Under Vest, StaCool also works hard to make sure each customer is satisfied with every aspect of their cooling vest. In Robert's case, sizing and fit was a major concern. In his words:

“...the folks at StaCool decided, based on my chest size, I needed a small size. I received it, was concerned it would be too small, and called them back. I was told that it must fit very snugly to be effective and the lady convinced me to go ahead and freeze the [ThermoPaks] and try it on again. I did this, tried some practice gun mounts and was surprised how little effect it had on movement.”

Happy with the fit, Robert continued practicing and noticed the cooling packs contacted the recoil pad on his gun, which would affect his ability to shoot accurately using his normal set up. StaCool was able to give him some helpful advice that allowed him to stay cool and shoot effectively throughout the tournament.

“[StaCool] suggested I simply cut off the top row of [ThermoPaks] and it should work, which it did. These folks seem to have a lot of experience working with clay shooters.”
The StaCool Under Vest – Another Excited And Satisfied Customer

After a couple of days of competitive trap shooting in near 100-degree temperatures, Robert Kirkpatrick experienced the body cooling capabilities of the StaCool Under Vest first hand. With over 3 hours of cooling time and an excellent fit that doesn't restrict body movement, the StaCool Under Vest inspired Robert's imagination and his enthusiasm.

“I can see wearing [the StaCool Under Vest] while mowing, fishing and a lot of other outdoor things, including shooting ... it appears to be very well made, right here in the USA! The people at StaCool are also very helpful and easy to work with.”

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